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Document selector

The Document Selector is a central component that allows you to upload, select or even create files directly in the system.

Document-Selector-DE						Doc Files

core functions

  • Creation of documents
  • File Upload
  • Link, copy and attach documents
  • picture cutting

Use of the

The document selector is used as a central component by many modules and departments. The most common representation is as a form element:

Form-Element-DE						Doc Files

Creation of documents

Document-Selector-DE-Create						Doc Files

When creating documents, the selection of options depends on the installed modules and activated configurations:

Option / Function Goal / Use Configuration / Dependency
File templates (e.g. Word, Excel, Powerpoint) Creation in DMS Setup in the DMS System (Administration)
XELOS Document (e.g. note, trend vote) Setup as a dependency in the DMS system
Open in MS Office after creation Creation in DMS XELOS Office Integration
picture cutting Uploaded image files

Link, copy and attach documents

When linking documents, XELOS 8.0 and higher will be replaced by the following Options shown:

  • Link: File retains original rights (attachment may not be opened by all users if they do not have access to the original)
  • Link with access rights: The file is linked with additional read rights (the attachment is automatically accessible to all users based on the attached document)
  • Copy: (The file is copied, i.e. changes to the original document are not visible in the attachment)

picture cutting

If you have uploaded a new picture you have the possibility to crop the picture directly. After saving, it may take a moment until the new image is visible for all users.

Document-Selector-Crop-DE						Doc Files

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