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User import via Active Directory Sync

Admin Dashboard Active Directory Sync

Users can be imported into XELOS via Active Directory Sync (AD Sync).

Active Directory Authentication

Activation takes place under Advanced System Configuration > Authentication Methods.

The connection is made via LDAP, the package "php-ldap" is required on the server.

Info/Attributes for "AD Var Mapping

Relevant is the "Attr LDAP Name" in the first column.

Common attributes are, for example:

Extension: Library Active Directory Sync

The AD Sync module ensures automatic synchronization of data between Active Directory and XELOS. The var mapping is entered in the configuration of the Active Directory Sync library.

Tutorial: Displaying Data from the AD in the Lookbook

If all variables to be transmitted have been declared, the respective variables in the employee directory (lookbook) must also be adapted if necessary.

  1. Var Mapping AD leads to synchronization in User META fields, e.g.
    meta_ad_phone=telephone number
  2. Open Lookbook Designer and create field of type "System User META".
  3. In the configuration, reference is made to the respective meta field, e.g:
    field=meta_ad_phone, readonly=1


FATAL: AD bind failed. Either the LDAPS connection failed or the login credentials are incorrect.

The connection to the Active Directory could not be established. Please go through the following. Checklist:

  • Is the server accessible via PING from the XELOS server?
  • Is the port (default: 389) enabled and not blocked by firewalls?
  • Are the access data correct? Please also try different spellings (DOMAIN\login, login@DOMAIN, login)
  • Is a valid certificate used on the AD? Is the certificate self-generated or not trusted?
    Configure openldap on the server to ignore certificates - /etc/openldap/ldap.conf :
    TLS_REQCERT never

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