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XELOS lifecycle and supported versions

Every XELOS version has a life cycle. The lifecycle begins with the release of a version and ends when it is no longer supported. Knowing the most important data in this lifecycle helps you make informed decisions about when to update, upgrade, or make other changes to your software.

BLUEEND AG is aware of the importance of XELOS life cycle planning for our customers, partners and potential service providers. With the introduction of XELOS Social Workplace Version 7, we have unified the XELOS development cycle and the associated support of the XELOS versions.

XELOS Social Workplace Life Cycle Details

In order to be able to concentrate as much as possible on the support of the current version and on the further development of XELOS, our support always includes two major releases: the current release and the previous release. Example: If the current version is XELOS 8.1, the XELOS support includes the releases 8 and 7 with the respective minor releases / versions 8.x and 7.x. In the current version, reported bugs and security problems are fixed and minor releases (e.g. 8.1, 8.2,...) are published at regular intervals. Also improvements of contained functions and small innovations can be contained here.

For the previous version, XELOS support only includes support for critical bugs and security issues. Minor releases are published on demand: depending on the number of fixes, there may be several or no minor releases.

XELOS versions older than the current and previous releases are not supported by XELOS Standard Support or Enterprise Support. These releases are called "End of Life" and we recommend all customers to update to the latest version as old EOL versions may contain security vulnerabilities.

Current Supported XELOS Versions*

XELOS version Initial Release End of Life support status
8.x Mar 2019 Active development and support
7.x Sep 2017 Support for critical errors and security fixes
6.5 Dec 2015 Mar 2019 No longer supported
6.0 Nov 2014 Sept 2017 No longer supported

*As of October 2019

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