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Applications in XELOS

Applications are the central element in XELOS Social Workplace. Most of the features that are used are installed applications.

Applications and libraries differ in XELOS Social Workplace in that libraries can only be installed once and applications multiple times. Therefore this manual summarizes applications and libraries under the term "Applications".


Applications are installed via the Admindashboard. There you can install either an application or a library by simply clicking on the respective button to install it. Then follow the instructions of the wizard.


XELOS applications are configured in the same way, with a few exceptions. In the following we explain the main points to consider when configuring applications.


The Info tab displays general information about the respective instance. This includes the URL, name, and status of the database. Furthermore, the instance can be opened, hidden and deactivated / activated.


The configuration tab is different for each application. Configuration explanations can be found in the article of the corresponding application.


In this tab the selected instance can be deleted. The instructions must be observed.


The backup copy is, as the name already explains, a backup copy of the selected instance. This can be useful if you are making extensive changes to the instance and want to keep the option open to return to the time of the backup and restore the instance.


The rights tab offers the possibility to assign individual rights for the respective instance. For a explanation and guidance of the legal system, visit the Rights section.

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