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Manage task lists

In XELOS, all tasks are assigned to a task list (sorted thematically). Usually the name of the list corresponds to the project or the purpose of the contained tasks. Lists can also be shared with other colleagues and team members, making it easier to collaborate on tasks. In the list overview, you can see at a glance which tasks still need to be completed, when they are due, and to whom they have been assigned. You can also define the priority of the tasks by sorting them.

Your task lists and the number of tasks they contain are displayed on the right-hand side of the screen.

Create a new to-do list

  1. With + a new list can be created
  2. Then define the title of the list
  3. Newly created lists are always "private" lists

Share and edit a new to-do list

  1. Select list
  2. Edit / share list
  3. Add persons / user groups under Shared

Tasks-Share-List						Doc Files

Under Edit list can also be edited other items of the lists (bswp. titles, categories)

Select and filter lists and views

  1. At the right edge of the screen you can choose between the following lists
  2. Two views of the lists available
  3. My tasks shows all tasks from all lists (even split lists!)
  4. Assigned Tasks displays all tasks assigned to other users (by you).
  5. It can be filtered by task status and priority

Delete task list

  1. Select list
  2. With Delete list, the selected list is finally deleted after a last request.

INFO: When you delete a list, all tasks in the list are also deleted.

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