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Advanced Theme Editor

Admin Dashboard Grundeinstellungen Theme Erweiterter Theme-Editor

The extended Theme Editor is for customers for whom the simple settings for the theme are not sufficient. It allows you to make settings similar to the basic settings, but much deeper and with more detail options. To apply the theme, it must be compiled. This is done simply by pressing the Compile Theme Set buttons.

Themes in XELOS

As mentioned at the beginning, XELOS Social Workplace combines the appearance, the interface and the arrangement of elements into so-called themes. The Admin now has the possibility to make basic changes via the extended editor. To do this, he must select a theme set and edit it.

XELOS theme sets are always based on the standard theme set provided by XELOS right from the start. This is unchangeable and is always available. This means that in the event of an error, you can always revert to the point of origin. If you want to add changes, we recommend that you create a new set. If a custom set already exists, you can easily edit it.


Also in the extended editor we recommend the use of .png as image format for the logos used. In contrast to the default setting, a separate background image and an extra favicon can be uploaded in the extended editor.

The background image is the background for the system, which is especially seen when the layout option "narrow" is selected by the user. Here you have to make sure that the image is big enough so that it is not pixelated at the different resolutions.

The fav icon is the icon displayed at the top of the browser tab.

Fonts (Fonts)

It should be noted that rights of use exist for the fonts used. Free, royalty-free fonts can be found e.g. at: Google Fonts.

If new fonts are used, they must be integrated into the system. If a CDN/ Api is used, the font can usually be included by @import in the custom CSS part of the theme. Instructions for the import can be found at the hosters of the individual fonts.

First Note/ Disclaimer

The disclaimer shows all users a defined text after login. Only after confirmation of the information is forwarded to the system. In contrast to the First Login Note, the disclaimer is no longer displayed after confirmation after login. The First Login Note is displayed after each login until you deselect it.

In order to get an overview of which users have already accepted the disclaimer via the web interface, rights groups can be added to or deleted from each user profile after the disclaimer has been accepted. For this purpose, the numeric GroupID or the Short ID of the rights group must be entered.


A security group "Disclaimer" (numeric ID 12) is created and assigned to each user during creation/import. In the disclaimer configuration the ID 12 is entered under "Disclaimer remove security group". The members of the Disclaimer/ID12 group can be viewed in the security group administration. Each member of this group has not yet confirmed the disclaimer, otherwise the rights group would have been removed automatically.

Custom CSS

Knowledge in web development is necessary for the Custom CSS. Errors that occur here can lead to a destroyed view of the system. In such a case it is usually sufficient to delete the written CSS again. For more information on CSS and a tutorial, can be found at W3 schools.

CSS is a language that describes HTML objects, and thus determines their appearance. This usually requires direct access to the code. XELOS offers the alternative solution to use the Custom CSS field. Here you can insert CSS that overwrites and completes existing styles.

So that the Custom CSS also intervenes, this must be "more strongly weighted". This is possible if e.g. "!important" or a more granular definition of the respective class/ID is set.

The developer mode of the respective browser can be used to find the element to be defined. In most cases this is opened with "F12". For more information please refer to the user manual of your browser.

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