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The XELOS main navigation

Admin Dashboard Navigation

XELOS navigation is the central access point for users of the platform. Therefore it is important to create them correctly and sensibly. Furthermore, the navigation offers the possibility to define rights and access to the individual pages in more detail. Thus, for example, external pages can also be implemented.

If XELOS was installed with a VM, a basic structure already exists that links the most important modules.

Create or edit a new navigation point

There are 2 possibilities for creating new navigation points:

1 The "Add Navigation Point" button is used to add a new point to the previously selected location.

2 The "+" is used to add the new point at the respective position.

The corresponding fields must then be filled in. For already existing points, selecting the respective point is sufficient to open the fields and settings.

Sorting and moving can be done via drag and drop, or via the sort field.

If you leave the fields Instance and Page set to Please select, the next subordinate point is automatically selected and linked.

If you want to create a navigation point that should not appear in the navigation, this point can be hidden. This can be set under Visibility in the Extended area. Also the symbol can be adjusted under extended. Here you have the possibility to use user-defined icons by creating a custom CSS class and selecting it here.

The Conditional Navigation Visibility area can be used to configure the rights for this navigation point. This allows you to block a page for certain user groups or make it accessible only for these groups. More information about user and group rights

Multiple navigation sets

Attention: Incorrect changes of the settings can lead to errors and inaccessibility of the system.

If several navigation sets have been created, it is possible to change the standard set. Different navigation sets can be used to display different navigations in different scenarios. An application example would be an alternative navigation for a specialized department. To use multiple navigation sets:

  1. Define multiple navigation sets: To do this, several Nav Sets must be created under Navigation Groups.
  2. Then you can select them in the "Manage Navigation" tab and add new navigation points.

If an incorrect value is used, the system may become inaccessible. Before changing the default navigation, make sure that the entry has been created as a Nav Set. The reporting of errors by BLUEEND results in an increased use of support.

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