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In XELOS Social Workplace, the appearance of the software can be customized. The appearance of XELOS is summarized under the term Theme. This includes colours, fonts, logos, but also more profound elements. The active theme can be changed on several levels. From simple adjustments to fundamental changes, everything is possible.

For most of our customers it is enough to stay in the basic settings. For deeper changes there is the "extended theme editor" (2). If this is also not sufficient, a comprehensive change can be commissioned on a project basis.

Insert the company logo

By default, the default logo at the first start is the XELOS logo. Here in the basic settings the personal logo of the own company, association, ... must be inserted. In general, all image types that the browser can display work, but we recommend using .png as the format for the logo. We recommend this because of the widespread compatibility and because XELOS is able to generate favicons and other graphics.

Set your own colors

In addition to the logo, CI-compliant colours are very important for most companies. In XELOS you can set up to 3 colors manually (1).

1 Either a color can be selected from the selection, or a free hexcode can be used to select the exact colors by double-clicking in the field.

2 The extended theme editor offers the possibility to make extra settings.

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