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Install XELOS via VM

XELOS Social Workplace offers the possibility of a preconfigured VM. The images can be found and downloaded at
A preconfigured VM has several advantages:

  • Quick and easy setup
  • Get started
  • Most important applications are pre-installed

A license is required to run XELOS Social Workplace.

VMX & OVF Virtual Machine

To start XELOS as a classic VM, simply follow these steps:

  1. Download the desired image (.VMX or .OVF) from .
  2. Mount and start the corresponding image in your preferred virtual machine (we recommend VM Player).
  3. Open the displayed IP address with a browser and complete the setup wizard.
  4. Using XELOS Social Workplace

Hyper-V Image

Prerequisite for the use of a Hyper-V image:

  • Hyper-V must be added via Control Panel > Programs > Enable or Disable Windows Features.
  • As long as Hyper-V is activated VMware can NOT be used!

Using the Hyper-V image:

  1. Download the .VHD image from
  2. Start the Hyper-V Manager.
  3. Create a new external virtual switch under Action> Virtual Switch Manager and select the network card of the host computer here.
  4. Create a new Generation 1 VM.
  5. Select the downloaded image under Connect virtual hard disk.
  6. Open the settings of the newly created VM and check that no network card has been added.
  7. Add an older network card to the new VM via Add Hardware and select the created External Switch for it.
  8. The VM can now be started in the Hyper-V Manager.

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