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Connect to the XELOS API using the XELOS Zapier App.

About Zapier

Zapier is an online service allowing you to connect Apps and automate workflows by accessing the API of 1000+ of Apps. 


XELOS @Zapier

The XELOS Zapier is currently only available by invite - please contact our support team to receive an invitation, if you want to start using the XELOS Zapier App.


Functionality Overview

The XELOS App on is offering a subset of the webservice API via the Zapier interface. Currently the following functions are exposed and available:

  • Connectivity via OAuth2
  • System: Find Users, List Groups
  • CRM: Find Contacts, Create Contacts
  • Actionlog: Post to Wall
  • Lists: Create and Manage List Resources


Usage Guide

  1. Add 'zapier' as Authorized OAuth ClientID in the webservice configuration (you need to be an adminstrator of your XELOS installation)
  2. Create an account on
  3. Request invitation from XELOS team (Create a support ticket)
  4. Create your first 'Zap' on


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