Numerous functions and innovations for optimized collaboration

Wiesbaden**, 26 March 2019** - The Wiesbaden-based company BLUEEND AG has released a new version of its social workplace solution XELOS. With XELOS 8, users benefit from new Microsoft 365 connections, extended social functions and innovations for more efficient workflows. In addition, a new PRO module simplifies real-time communication between employees in different languages.

XELOS 8 is a major release with more than 120 new features and optimizations. "We always develop our modular software further according to our customers' needs", says Dr. Daniel B. Wilhelm, CEO of BLUEEND AG. "This includes security and performance improvements by default. In addition, we adapt our social intranets to the special requirements of our customers. In this way, we help companies to optimize cooperation between employees, teams and customers."

New in XELOS 8 is the connection to Microsoft 365 and Azure, which facilitates the deployment and administration of the systems. Data and users can be managed directly in Microsoft Azure. XELOS 8 automatically makes the corresponding adjustments. The workflow module in XELOS 8 has been optimized in many places for the administration of own automation processes. Even complicated work processes can be created in a matter of seconds with the help of an integrated workflow designer. In addition, the new XELOS version contains a list module. This simplifies the collection and sharing of information.

There were also innovations in the social functions. "Social interactions such as likeness, sharing and commenting have long been part of our digital professional and private lives. We reacted to this with this release and extended XELOS with a subscription function and a parts function, among other things," says Dr. Wilhelm. With these, XELOS 8 users can now more easily follow content and documents and be notified of changes. In addition, content from public groups can be shared with colleagues.

XELOS 8 has a new Tours module to make it easier for users to get started with the system and its functions. With the help of flexibly created and interactive tours, the users get to know all functions relevant to them and can work independently with the system after a short time.

The new additional module "Translation" enables XELOS-8 users to translate content into the respective profile language of the registered user in real time. This significantly simplifies and accelerates cooperation in international teams. The data and information communicated is encrypted by the module. This protects them from unauthorised third parties.

More information about XELOS 8 is available at . Interested parties can also create a free test account there.

XELOS 8 at a glance

New or improved functions

  • Security and performance in numerous modules
  • New Microsoft 365 and Azure connection
  • New Workflow Designer
  • New module: lists
  • New subscription system
  • New feature: Share content
  • New module: translation
  • New module: Tours [BETA]
  • New HRM function: Sickness notifications
  • messenger
  • Live online status for users
  • activity history
  • forum
  • document selector
  • System-wide search
  • Widgets to external systems
  • Active Directory Sync
  • Theme Customization

New or improved technologies

  • Conversion to namespaces
  • Extended kick starter module
  • New system for frontend/backend communication
  • Automatic form generation / CRUD generator
  • Improved safety through automatic escaping
  • New manual on
  • Simplified integration of search indexing
  • New deployment technology based on Docker

With XELOS, BLUEEND AG offers its customers a Social Workplace developed in Germany. The software supports communication, collaboration and knowledge exchange, including document management, calendars, chats and wikis. Due to its modular structure, XELOS can be used in companies as well as in associations, federations or educational institutions. Customers can choose between XELOS and XELOS PRO with CRM and HRM modules as required. More than 120,000 users worldwide work with XELOS. Customers include Dussman AG, the engineering firm Salt and Pepper and the Gesellschaft für Immobilienwirtschaftliche Forschung.


XELOS 8 Launch Webinar

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