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Display employee directory fields in the Event Planner

Eventplanner Konfiguration zus√§tzliche Felder

For a better overview, it can be useful to display fields of the employee directory in the participant overview of events.

Individual fields from the employee directory can be added under Additional fields in the configuration of the Event Planner.

URL designation Employee directory

In order for the field to be displayed, the URL Name: field must contain a value.

URL designation: company

Name (EN)*: firm

Eventplanner Add additional fields

The value of the URL name must then be entered in the Additional fields field, e.g. title of the event planner.

The URL name must be "lowercase" and the first character of the name must be an "uppercase" character.

Additional fields, e.g. Title:URL-designation=Name


Additional fields, e.g. Title:company=Company

However, the name can also be freely chosen, independent of the name of the field that was previously defined.

Additional fields, e.g. title:company=my company

To activate the comparison with the employee directory, Assign employee fields must be set to On.

Eventplanner Show additional fields

In a business event, you can add new fields to the Attendee Overview under Add/Remove Columns.

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