Update 9.1.3/9.1.4

XELOS 9.1.3 / 9.1.4: Additional information rights and roles, revised news overview

XELOS 9.1.3 / 9.1.4: Additional information rights and roles, revised news overview

Highlights in this update

User management

Rights / Roles - Access Information (XC-2755)

Under Users and Roles (Admin Dashboard > Manage Users and Roles > Groups), a new overview (access information) has been added.

The dialog shows for each rights group on which modules the authorization has an effect.

By clicking on the instance, further details about the associated permissions and prohibitions can be viewed:


Audit User Filter (XC-2746)

You can now switch directly from a user's audit log to the Audit Trail, in which all changes made by the user are displayed.


Top News

  • In the overview, the top news is now marked with an asterisk
  • On the overview page, the complete date with year is now displayed
  • The marking of the top news can, if necessary, be hidden via CSS



Functional changes at a glance

Changes and customizations in XELOS that are introduced in this release based on internal testing and customer feedback.

  • Core
    1. XC-2816 The forgot password link is now valid for 48 hours
  • Groups
    1. XC-2724 groups can be archived directly in the group administration
    2. XC-2764 The group image is updated faster after change
    3. XC-2787 In the group overview, groups can now be opened in the new tab by right-clicking (accessibility change)
  • Legal
    1. XC-2739 In the disclaimer files can be attached more easily


Bug fixes / optimization

This paragraph describes bug fixes and performance optimizations that are included in the current update.

  • Calendar
    1. XC-2745 reminders are now also adjusted for appointment changes
  • CMS
    1. xc-2740 the add new task portlet now displays group lists
    2. XC-2783 tiles in CMS pages do not reload (load time optimized)
  • Core
    1. XC-2760 Audit log load time has been improved
    2. XC-2762 When importing a .po file, non-existent tokens are now also generated
  • PDF Creator
    1. DomPDF has been updated to version 1.0.2 for PHP 8 support
  • Groups
    1. XC-2699 The group invitation information to the group admin is now a notification (no to-do)
    2. XC-2742 Sharing content is now possible in more than one group instance
    3. XC-2764 The group picture is updated faster
    4. XC-2777 In the new theme, the "Join" button is no longer displayed if the "Users Can Join" function is deactivated.
  • Wiles
    1. XC-2737 For non-writable fields, the workflow can now enforce the writable property
  • Lookbook
    1. XC-2750 The checkbox value is retained
  • Search
    1. XC-2815 Added pagination in search
  • Tasks
    1. XC-2809 The list filter in the overview works again
  • Theme
    1. XC-2518 In the Legacy Theme, to-dos can now be deleted directly by the user
    2. XC-2751 In the Legacy Theme, the wall is now updated without chat
  • Workflows
    1. XC-2677 The pin input action is now reset correctly
  • Wall / Actionlog
    1. XC-1940 Feed update after long inactivity



Other changes are usually only relevant to a small audience of customers who have requested such changes as part of a support ticket or feature request. The changes usually affect a very specific use case.

  • XC-2449 Closed Group Search Does Not Lead to Correct Landing Page
  • XC-2563 Editor Citation Nesting Optimized
  • XC-2638 Tif/Tiff Image Preview in XELOS
  • XC-2648 Uninstalled hooks are sorted out in the CMS
  • XC-2654 Incorrect SQL query corrected in System Status Report
  • XC-2655 Group Administration in dashboard now opens the direct view
  • XC-2679 CRM group link in table view not functional
  • XC-2692 PDF Merge optimized in workflow
  • XC-2693 Distorted image in user ad
  • XC-2695 search with quotation marks logs error in error log
  • XC-2729 System Tasks Improved Translations
  • XC-2732 User limit check in chat leads to error page if user limit exceeded
  • XC-2733 External link via search not accessible
  • XC-2734 Selector shows incompatible files
  • XC-2743 CRM Filter improved
  • XC-2744 Non breaking spaces in currency output causes problems in XML parser
  • XC-2748 Invalid time zone results in error message in recurring events
  • XC-2749 CRM Faceted Filter optimized
  • Update XC-2751 Wall without Chat
  • XC-2754 System Notifications are sent multiple times when an internal limit has been reached
  • XC-2758 Cache clears thumbnails when more than 500 documents are affected
  • XC-2760 Performance User Audit Tab improved
  • XC-2761 Archives icon added to group header
  • XC-2766 error fixed in editor
  • XC-2771 Editor error when static text is used in lists
  • XC-2773 Log Filter Page change corrected
  • XC-2775 categories not visible in the event planner
  • XC-2776 Theme Favicon was partly not displayed correctly
  • XC-2778 paragraph formatting improved
  • XC-2790 Eventplanner Portlet with jump mark for long CMS pages
  • XC-2794 Lookbook Mobile View Improved
  • XC-2795 Group Selection Sorted
  • XC-2806 Internal bug fixed
  • XC-2807 Transition Access Checking in Workflow

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