Update 9.1.5

Update 9.1.5: Eventplanner

Update 9.1.5: Eventplanner

Highlights in this update


Invitation Chat XC-2840

Users who do not have an email in the system will now receive event invitations via chat.


Functional changes at a glance

Changes and adjustments in XELOS, which are introduced in this version due to internal testing and customer feedback.

  • Calendar

    • In the appointment scheduling it is now also checked if the start date is before the end date
  • Listen
    • To delete list entries that have been created or edited by a workflow, the workflow has to be deleted before.


Bug fixes / Optimization

This paragraph describes bug fixes and performance optimizations that are included in the current update.

  • Lists

    • XC-2779 Formatting in the "static text" field is preserved after saving.
  • Theme
    • For "last visited" and "my groups" all group instances are assigned to the corresponding navigation.



Other changes are usually only relevant for a small target group of customers who have requested corresponding changes as part of a support ticket or feature request. The changes usually relate to a very specific use case.

XC-2725 Version Forum Attachment

XC-2786 Mention Modal

XC-2800 Statistics January

XC-2810 Sort Tasks

XC-2812 2FA Admin

XC-2820 Preview Insert Link

XC-2822 Shareicon reset

XC-2823 Automatic commitment appointment creator

XC-2826 Hierarchy order CMS

XC-2834 CRM userselctor field

XC-2837 Memory leak Redis cache handler

XC-2841 CRM POP data

XC-2847 Comment field closed thread


Portlet-Full-News XELOS 10

Portlet-Full-News will be removed in XELOS 10 and can already be disabled via the hooks.


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