Change license server to 07.09.2023

OnPremise customers with version <9.1.9 or <10.1.0 affected

OnPremise customers with version <9.1.9 or <10.1.0 affected

Dear customers,

due to a technically necessary change at our repository server (responsible for the license check and update in XELOS), all XELOS systems with a package status older than from 23.05.23 or version 9.1.9 / 10.1.0 need an update. Customers with operation by BLUEEND or hosting in the XELOS PRO Cloud will get the update automatically.

The changeover of the repository server is planned for 07.09.2023.

Onpremise / Selfhosting customers without update, please contact our support directly from 01.09. to get a hotfix for your license.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


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