XELOS Update 8.2.

Announcement: Patchnotes for the XELOS Update End of January 2020

Announcement: Patchnotes for the XELOS Update End of January 2020

The most important innovations and improvements

INFO: After the release of the update you will be informed in the Admin Dashboard (Adminstration/Update and License/) about the availability of the new update packages.

Update 05.02.: Another error was found in Wiki attachments and group links and was made available afterwards.

Fixed bugs and new functions

Under Innovations you will now find our new changes documented in detail.

Please note in particular the configuration of the search index (video): https://my.xelos.net/user-doc/stepguide/innovationen,408#toc_id_5


  • Comments:
    • XC-1867: The number of characters in comments is now configurable
    • XC-1879: Edit/Delete hidden (timeout etc.). The time in which comments can be edited and deleted can now be set to a value of 1-24. One unit corresponds to one hour.
  • content management system:
    • XC-1803: Layout, XC-1770 Mapportlet
    • XC-1869: FEATURE: A footer can be optionally displayed in the CMS, showing the author and the publication date.
    • XC-1873: CMS pages can be marked as templates and can then be selected as templates for new CMS pages
  • customer relationship management:
    • XC-1815: Performance
  • Event planner:
    • XC-1843: Workflow
  • Forum:
    • XC-1560: sorting error, XC-1679: portraits, XC-1882: thread count
    • FEATURE: More doclinks can now be displayed in the forum
  • Groups and Projects:
    • XC-1757: group wikinavigation, XC-1880: home page, XC-1654, XC-1564: group information in invitation mail
  • Human Resource Management:
    • XC-1701: CMS Portlet
    • XC-1841, XC-1837: automatic rounding, XC-1854: unit error, XC-1615: page numbering, XC-1614
  • Lists:
    • XC-1648: Fixed bug with list status (enter status twice)
    • XC-1776: UTF-8 emoticons could be entered (especially touch devices) but were not saved afterwards. Furthermore, the help texts were revised/supplemented.
    • XC-1836: Values for Faceted Search adjusted/inserted.
    • XC-1853: Filter options Created By, Created On and Updated On are available again.
    • XC-1634: Modal Window
  • Lookbook / Profiles:
    • URL patterns are supported (New configuration for field type URL available)
    • XC-1865: System Category Selector was integrated as a new field type
    • XC-1880: The new VCard Framework user interface component is now used to display the short profiles. (Lookbook overview photo album view, CMS-Portlet short profile)
    • XF: Subsequent functions and display revised.
    • XC-1293: Date fields, XC-1811: Pagination, XC-1876: Follow
  • Portal:
    • XC-1819: Group Dashboard
  • System Doclink:
    • XC-1874: (Workflow-)This is a new action in the workflows that deletes the attached document (or the actual document in the system).
    • XC-1735: Action logs, XC-1861 Update error
  • Tasks:
    • XC-1473: Groups list
  • Wiki:
    • XC-1807: Display of the wiki pages as content first has been adjusted.
    • XC-1757: Problem creating wiki pages in groups was fixed.
  • workflows:
    • XC-1874: "Start Workflow", XC-1874: Text field enlarged, XC-1874: set_meta Variable
  • Core:
    • XF: Processed notifications are now displayed like new notifications (they have been forwarded, but have not yet been seen or read) (example bell)
    • XC-1818: "Background updater" performance improved, now dynamically adapts to user activity
    • XC-1814: When changing the license, unlicensed modules are now automatically deactivated
    • XC-1856: Hierarchy mapping options extended (deep as possible, high as possible)
    • Theme: Search performance improved
    • XC-1812: HDPI is now recognized and images are displayed more clearly. 
    • XC-1875: New Link Tour Bus
    • XC-1883, XC-1769: online status, XC-1806: CSV export improved, XC-1819: group portlet


In preparation for XELOS 9, the filter component in the group administration has been revised.

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