XELOS Update 8.2.6


Autodetection for XOI has been removed, users can now only select active and not active in their settings (under Authorized Devices and Apps for XOI).

xoi änderung.png                      Doc Files

This has also removed the BypassXOI detection: optionin the webdav.

The admin can enable/disable the buttons "send via mail" and in "copy to clipboard" default by the option Enable XOI links in the webdav.

xoi änderung.png                      Doc Files



  • CMS
    • XC-2309 Error in title during creation
    • XC-2337 Layout is saved again
  • Framework
    • XC-1296 Upload limit is displayed now
    • XC-1411 The time of the 2FA token can now be set individually
    • XC-2340 Passwords are no longer overwritten on CSV import
    • XC-2180 The e-mail test function now also checks if the system can reach the domain of the e-mail address
    • XC-2220 Error in wall comments was fixed
    • XC-2075 Error after language change was fixed
  • Groups
    • Eventplanner link works now
  • Lookbook
    • In the Next Birthdays portlet the field type Max. Entries has been changed to Slider
  • Wiki
    • XC-2332 encoding error in the index page was fixed

other fixes: 2362, 2339, 2335, 2268, 2109, 2324, 1411, 2206

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