Update 9.0.9

UPDATE 02.06.2021

UPDATE 02.06.2021


  • In XELOS Core, additional styles have been created for the tables.

  • The basic style automatically applies to newly created WYSIWYG tables and to old tables in the News, Wiki and CMS modules as far as possible.

  • In the editor, a style selection is added to the table, with the possibility to further customize the style of the table for the respective application (full width, centered, with border, striped lines).

  • In general, the styles in the editor have been adjusted so that they correspond as closely as possible to the final result, among other things:

    • Resizing has been changed from relative to absolute sizes.

    • Newly inserted tables start with 300px width instead of 100%.

    • Font sizes and spacing have been adjusted


Other changes at a glance

XC-2425There is now the possibility to set up repeating tasks.

XC-2463 News Publish Workflow

XC-2434 Images cropped in XELOS can now be reset and edited again before they are saved


Bug fixes

  • Calendar
    • XC-2458 Fixed bug with not displayed appointments in the agenda portlet
  • Lookbook
    • XC-2357 Keyword in search was limited to one value
  • Core
    • WYSIWYG Editor: The formatting "strikethrough text" is now supported
    • XC-2441 Background index error has been fixed
    • XC-2464 More than one document copy can now be attached again
  • Theme 1.0.11, 1.0.12
    • Spinner no longer hangs during file download
    • Navigation has been improved
    • Group navigation mobile was reworked
    • XC-2444 Publicly shared links are accessible again
    • Search results from currently accessed group are displayed again
    • Navigation elements can now be opened in a new tab with the right mouse button
  • Widgets
    • XC-2396 Positioning of icons was adjusted
  • Wiki
    • XC-2476 History was revised
    • XC-2450 Sorting of parent page was adjusted to general sorting
more fixes:XC-2471, XC-2440, XC-2451, XC-2433, XC-1613, XC-2478, XC-2416, XC-2460, XC-2474, XC-2464, XC-2438, XC-2298, XC-2468, XC-2426, XC-2494

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