Update 9.1.0

UPDATE 19.07.2021

UPDATE 19.07.2021

Other changes at a glance

XC-2394 Disclaimer

XC-2513 Recurring Tasks

XC-2535 Group tactics can now be disabled in groups

gruppenstatistik2.png                     Doc Files

gruppenstatistik.png                      Doc Files



Bug fixes

  • CMS
    • XC-2496 Document navigator portlet works again
    • XC-2448 Tiles are highlighted correctly again
  • Core
    • XC-2517 Installed modules are highlighted correctly in the admin overview again and the breadcrumb is visible again
    • XC-2511 Navigation problem with i18 fixed
    • XC-2529 Tags are saved again
  • DMS
    • XC-2537 & XC-2508 Error with apostrophe in files was fixed
    • XC-2534 File upload error with newly created folder fixed
  • Lookbook
    • XC-2526 Special characters are now mapped correctly in browse view
  • News
    • XC-2439 Top News no longer disappear in the archive
    • XC-2544 Sorting error fixed
  • Theme 1.0.14
    • XC-2513 Forgot password link visible again
    • XC-2507 Avatars are now also considered in the member overview of the groups
  • Widgets
    • XC-
  • Wiki
    • XC-2536 Error when linking Dependent Content was fixed
other fixes: XC-2278, XC-2406, XC-2442, XC-2480, XC-2486, XC-2497, XC-2500,XC-2502, XC-2504, XC-2506, XC-2509, XC-2511, XC-2521, XC-2531

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