List of new features and improvements in XELOS 9

Since 01.03.2021 the update from XELOS 8 to XELOS 9 can be performed.

Please note all information in our update guide.

All new features that are available after the update can be found in our documentation.


XELOS 9 - Changelog

New XELOS 9 Theme


  • After the upgrade, XELOS still uses the old theme. You have to change it manually under > Basic settings > Theme > XELOS THEME X9 must be changed
  • The following functions are not yet available in the theme when XELOS 9 is launched: Tracking, Additional Links, Disclaimer, Login Note
  • We recommend to test the new theme on a staging server in advance.

  • Completely new developed theme based on current JS technologies (VUE JS)
  • Developed according to mobile-first approach with full responsivity and support for mobile devices
  • Easy adaptation to CI with own color scheme, font, logo and mood image for login
  • New frontend/backend communication for faster page loading for users
  • New navigation concept with "big menus" for more overview
    • 1st level menus are larger and easier to use
    • Short texts + icons can be used for each menu item for support and explanation

  • New group menu
    • A separate menu system for groups gives users faster access to their own groups
    • Integrated group search allows users to quickly find new content

  • Central search
    • The search function has been integrated more prominently into the new design and uses a larger area to present search results directly to the user for faster access to relevant content.
    • The most recently executed search terms are suggested directly

  • Technical Requirements: IE Edge, Current Firefox / Chrome / Safari.

    Microsoft 356 Integration

    Once connected to Office 365 in XELOS, the following new features are available:

    NEW: Integration with Microsoft Teams.

  • In Microsoft Teams, XELOS can now be integrated as an app in search
  • NEW: M365 Calendar

  • Outlook can now be subscribed to as a calendar in XELOS Calendar
  • NEW: M365 Search

    In the XELOS search you get a new tab Microsoft 365, here you can now also search for files from the Microsoft environment.



    NEW: Follow Dialog UX

  • The user dialog for configuring the follow settings now offers an improved usability through a clearer dialog, as well as the reduction to essential options.
  • NEW: Follows - Default & Forced Follows

  • The new Default Follows feature provides the administrator with a way to specify which content users will follow by default. The user can later adjust the default settings as desired.
  • For particularly relevant content such as "Important Employee Information" with safety and danger notices, FORCED FOLLOWS can be used to ensure that it reaches all employees. This following cannot be removed by the user
  • NEW: Follow - Settings

  • Shows the followed items and allows to easily customize or remove the follow settings
  • NEW: Notification Settings

  • The admin can set one of four priority levels per notification for modules.
  • NEW: System Statistics

  • The new statistics system ensures a high-performance storage of the relevant data histories.
  • The usage of the individual instances can be better analyzed
  • NEW: Calendar iCal Import

  • iCal files can now be imported into an editable calendar
  • With the iCal URL Import, calendars from third party applications can be imported and displayed in XELOS
  • NEW: Quick search for widgets

  • The widget portlet now offers a quick search feature
  • NEW: Content Editor

  • The new editor now offers many new features like drag and drop, copy paste, emoticon selector also with ":" and mentions in wiki and forum posts
  • NEW: Auto-Suggest for links

  • Entering '$' opens an inline selector that directly displays the most recently created documents
  • NEW: Hashtag auto-completion

  • Tags in texts are supported with an inline autosuggest and already used tags are suggested directly


    NEW: Audit Log

  • Central system for logging security-relevant changes to the system
  • In the standard system, the creation, modification and deletion of rights and configuration adjustments, documents and workflows are logged for authorized persons with the time, user and modification displayed.
  • NEW: Support TLS encryption for LDAP connector

    NEW: Support for Basic Auth login to Elasticsearch Server

    NEW: Mail on new device / mail change



    NEW: New forum type for bulletin board

  • For announcements and advertisements the new forum type offers a time controlled expiration of content.
  • Improved: Portlet Recent posts in the forum

  • Optimized view and new configuration options


    NEW: Layout Manager

  • The new layout manager allows individual designs in the CMS, which can also be adapted responsively.
  • NEW: Footer

  • In the footer of the respective page, the creation/last editing date is indicated.
  • NEW: Doclinks

  • CMS pages can now also be liked or shared
  • NEW: File attachments

  • The CMS now offers a significantly improved handling of file attachments.
  • NEW: Templates

  • Templates can now be created and saved for CMS pages.


  • Documents in the DMS can now be assigned metadata, which can also be used for templates.

    Employee directory

    NEW: Redesigned extension for the display of user activities:

  • For example, the actions of the activity history can now be displayed here in the employee directory
  • NEW: Follows and followers are now available as field types in the lookbook

    NEW: Field type category

  • Allows the selection of several predefined values from the system categories


    NEW: Archiving

  • Groups can be archived with content
  • A period of inactivity until archiving can be set


    NEW: Kanban Board

  • Allows quick and easy management of task lists

    Event Planner

  • Eventplanner can be used with Google Maps Portlet
  • Guest registration can be enabled


    NEW: Advanced Facets

  • Customizable filters are now available for search
  • NEW: Dynamic Index Values

  • Search now supports dynamic index values
  • NEW: Rolling Index Update

  • Every day a part of the index is re-indexed in the background


    NEW: New document indexing service

  • XELOS document indexing offers a completely new indexing engine that now scales much better.
  • The new document index dashboard provides information about the current process status, the performance of the processing as well as possible problems at any time.
  • NEW: Optimized CRON and DAEMON performance

  • With numerous internal optimizations and intelligent caching methods, the performance of all background processes has been improved.


    NEW: Draft / Live Version

  • With the new draft mode it is now possible to edit wiki pages without having the changes directly visible to other users. Only after final content creation the changes can be taken live.
  • NEW: Templates

  • You can now create and save templates for wiki pages.

    Internal / Administration

    NEW: New CLI Tool

  • The php xf CLI tool provides central functions for the daily administration of a XELOS system.
  • NEW: Directory synchronization for LDAP

  • For the synchronization of employees and profiles, an LDAP server can now be used in addition to an AD.
  • NEW: AD-Sync: Anonymization

  • If an employee leaves the AD, an anonymization can now take place instead of deleting a user, so that the user continues to exist.
  • NEW: Navigation editor with auto-suggest for parameters

  • If you add a CMS instance in the navigation, you will now get suggestions for CMS pages in the "Command" field.
  • NEW: New system log

  • The new system log offers a better configurability of the error cases to be logged. This can now be controlled per cron / daemon as well as on the CLI with the help of new verbosity parameters.
  • A new detail view and improved search function in the log
  • A new error ID, which is displayed on error pages, also provides the administrator with a quicker reference to the corresponding error log in case of user problems.
  • NEW: PWA

  • Via the system_pwa library, XELOS can also be used as an app on desktop PCs. By installing XELOS on Windows 10, you also get the familiar Windows banner for notifications.

    End of Life Module

    EOL: XOI XELOS Office Integration

  • The module will be discontinued and replaced by the new M365 integration.
  • EOL: Internet Explorer support

  • XELOS 9 only supports technically up-to-date browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Edge.
  • EOL: SQL search

  • XELOS 9 only supports Elasticsearch. The search must be changed before the upgrade
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