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Example Modules

You can find code examples in the /vendor/blueend directory of your installation which help you to get started, if you are looking into programming your own module.

Please note that some examples are subject to your license and the availability of certain libraries in your license (e.g. workflow libraries are not included in the free or trial version of

Example 01: Beat the System

This example is primarily for your learning and to help starters find a quick way to get you custom content into the system. The module consists only of the most basic and required files (2 files to be exact). We don't like to "enforce" our way of thinking on your way of programming and this example will show you an easy way to execute standard PHP code within

We strongly advise you to get familiar with the framework though to get the most out of the system and use its full potential.

The example is located under vendor/blueend/example_beat_the_system and shows how to:

  • Get your custom code running in under 2 minutes
  • Use standard PHP code instead of functions if you wish to do so
  • "Beat the system" if you need to (e.g. when you cannot find a function/component to do the job you are envisioning..)

Example 02: Simple Survey

The simple survey shows the basic concept of a simple module. In contradiction to the first example, this module will show you how to get organized and start the first UI components for quick results.

The code shows:

  • Basic Module Structure, MVC Pattern
  • Basic Database Structure and usage of Models
  • Usage of Simple Forms, CRUD Tables (Table Editor), Security Policies

You can find the example under vendor/blueend/example_survey.