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Cron Jobs

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"Cron Jobs" provides an overview of all crons used in XELOS.

For some settings it may be useful to restart the corresponding crons.

Interval: Here also the interval can be defined in which the crons run through, for crons which are set to "day", the set time is 4h in the morning (4 a.m.).


  • Log: Under Actions the log of the respective crone can be viewed. These can also be viewed in CentOS under /server/xelos-current/_log.
  • Run: So that the cron does not have to be set to one minute every time a change is needed directly, the cron can be executed directly under Run. This can be important when updating rights, for example. Then the cron "User group calculation" can be executed so that all changed rights are applied directly everywhere.
  • Copy CRON Config: Here the cron can be reproduced.

Server Node: In the "Server Node" field, different nodes can be assigned in a cluster setup.

Last Run: Last Run provides information about when a cron has run for the last time. For some crons it may be useful to change the time of the restart from 4 a.m. to another time, for this purpose the crontab can be adjusted in CentOS under /etc.

Active/Disabeld: Crons that are not needed can be deactivated in this dialog by clicking on the green circle. An example of this is the cron "daily wall as email". If you do not want the activity history to be sent via email, this cron can be deactivated there.

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