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Administration interfaces in XELOS

XELOS offers administrators their own interfaces, which are specially adapted to the fast and uncomplicated administration and configuration of XELOS.

path indication

In this administration manual there are often path specifications at the beginning of articles to simplify the orientation in the system for the administrators, starting point of the path specification is always the Admin Dashboard or the Adminbar.

Example: Path to the Extended Theme Editor.

admin bar

The admin bar serves as access and provides access to the most important functions and areas within XELOS that are required to administer the system.

  • Wrench : Allows the Adminbar to be folded in and out.
  • Current page: Provides DeepL access to the configuration of the current and associated pages. In addition to general configurations such as rights management, also direct access to specific settings.
  • System Health Notifications: Provides information about the current status of the system.
  • Cache: Allows the administrator to empty the system cache.
  • Administration: Direct access to the Admindashboard and thus to the central administration area.

Admin Dashboard

The Admin Dashboard is the central control center for the administration of XELOS. From here you have access to all settings and functions necessary for administration. The Admin Dashboard can be accessed via the Adminbar via Administration/Overview.

  • System overview: Here you can see the current status and information about the system. Furthermore you have access to System Health and further information from here.
  • System: Settings and configurations that affect the system.
  • Applications/ Libraries: Overview of the installed applications and the possibility to install new ones. The tiles lead to the respective configuration of the selected application.
  • Support: Help, Support Requests and Feedback

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