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Advanced language configuration and own translation

Admin Dashboard Erweiterte Konfiguration

XELOS Social Workplace is designed for use in international companies. In order to do justice to this use, it is possible to make extensive changes to the translation. This is done via this tab.

Update translation

Before you change the translations manually, you have to make sure that the language database is up to date. To achieve this, update the database using the button
via XELOS Connect . Then apply the translation (button next to it).

Edit translations

1 XELOS offers the possibility for administrators to change and adjust the translations. To get to the respective editing view, there is a link under Actions for each language.

2 To share the changes, simply select the "Share" link under "more".

3 Notifications can be translated here. Even HTML emails that are sent automatically can be customized.

The editing view (1) compares the respective translations. On the left side the tokens and a column next to them the translation. The token represents the text in the code that is to be translated. To translate the token, only the corresponding line must be selected under Translation.

The following must be taken into account when translating:

  • If a token has been translated, press return / enter or ok . Otherwise the token will be reset at the next reload.
  • Some tokens contain placeholders such as "%1$s" or "%s->". These tokens must be kept in their form, as the system needs them to insert variable content. The position within the text may vary.
  • To delete a translation, it is sufficient to save a point (.) as a translation.

Translations that have been edited are marked as "custom". "Custom" translations are not overwritten during an update or translation syncronisation.

(2) Once the changes to the translation have been completed, it shall be possible to share them. This means that the changes are transferred to us and then checked by us. If the changes are meaningful and universally applicable, we take over this and all customers have the possibility to take over these.

In XELOS Social Workplace, automatic notifications, HTML emails, etc., can be created. Click on Notifications (3) under Actions to do this. Then select the corresponding element in the table for editing. There the text can be edited in an editor.

Add a new token

If something is not translated in the system and cannot be translated into the token, this case has not been set up as a token. This can occur occasionally with complex templates and in special cases. To be able to translate in this case anyway, you can create a new token. Therefore you have to change to the tab Add new token.

The entry must correspond exactly to the word(s) to be translated.

The new token can then be selected and checked in the editing view already mentioned.

Import language file

In addition to the manual addition of tokens, it is also possible to import language files. XELOS supports the industry standard ".po". This is particularly useful when the translation for another language (besides DE / EN) comes from a translation agency. To make work easier, a language file can be exported and then opened and translated in a suitable program.

It must be ensured that the .po file is encoded in UTF-8 and validated correctly.

The respective file can be exported and imported via the editing view (1) of the respective language. The dialog for this can be found at the bottom of this view.

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