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Import multiple users via CSV file

Admin Dashboard Nutzer und Rollen Nutzer verwalten Benutzer importieren

The following steps describe the user import via CSV file into XELOS.

See also

  • Synchronization Active Directory
  • Automatic creation via Active Directory authentication

Requirements Excel/ CSV file

The file must contain the following columns for the import:

  • Login (name for login, must be unique in the system)
  • FirstName (first name)
  • LastName (LastName)
  • eMail (mail address of the user)

Alternatively, additional columns can be added, the following columns are often used:

  • DisplayName (display name in the system)
  • Password (Password)
  • Groups (IDs of the user groups, see also article Groups)
  • Status (active, inactive => system status)

For these two variants, templates are available for download under Users and Roles/Import Users/Templates.


login FirstName LastName DisplayName email password groups status
DFuchs Dominik fox Dominik Fox - admin, user active
PMüller Petra millers Petra Müller - users inactive

It is possible to import further fields into the employee directory (e.g. company, telephone number, etc.). The target fields must be created in the employee directory before the import.

See also

Import CSV file

The previously edited/created CSV file can be uploaded under Users & Roles -> Import users. The system tries to assign the columns directly to the corresponding attributes. For a general check, all columns are displayed again after the upload process.

It is not possible to assign a completely new ID when selecting the User ID field.

The ID must already have been created in the system. If this is not the case, the IDs are assigned in ascending order from the last free number.

1 The correct assignment of the fields must be checked.

After the import, under Administration/System Status/Cron Jobs, you must execute the Maintenance jobs of the Cron Job Groups manually.

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