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Rights assignment and administration in XELOS

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Rights in XELOS

In XELOS, no universal rights are assigned, but the rights per application are set. The rights settings per application/library can be accessed in two ways:

  • Admin Dashboard > Application > Rights
  • Adminbar > Current page > Rights management

rights matrix

The rights settings are set in XELOS via rights matrix.

Hook => Access, Points => Inherited rights, X => Prohibition

We recommend adding rights settings for individual users only temporarily or in exceptional cases and normally using the user groups for the rights assignment.

security levels

The security levels are used within the group system for a simplified definition of access rights for end users. The assignment for each page can be set under the rights matrix.

Security level settings of a CMS application.


The functions behave like the settings in the rights matrix. In the case of the functions, very important functions are charged separately, for example in the CMS "Create and edit all pages", "Delete pages" and "Publish Pages".

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