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The WebDAV module in XELOS provides an interface for file exchange. The interface is mainly used by the DMS, but it is also possible for other modules to provide content via the interface.

The regular endpoint for WebDAV connections is .

This address automatically displays all available modules that provide files via WebDAV.

Setting up WebDAV as a drive

Windows native

Under this PC, can be selected in the system bar under "Computer" connect to network drive. Please note that the "Webclient" system service must be started in Windows. If you want to mount drives directly at startup, the service should be started automatically (without delay).

Windows with installed XELOS Office Integration (XOI)

In the XOI window you can also mount a webdav drive with XELOS, with XELOS Drive.

MacOS via Finder

You can connect the WebDAV drive in the Finder.

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